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GenFuture's Self-Awareness Bootcamp.

Get to the heart of who you are and what’s important to you.

We believe that knowing yourself is a superpower.

But knowing where to start on the personal reflection journey can be tough. So we’ve designed this self-awareness bootcamp to guide you through the process. 

We’ve broken down the five core aspects of self-reflection: Interests, Strengths, Values, Needs and Motivators.

Our five modules are packed with prompts, exercises, and examples to facilitate your self-discovery journey. From exploring your interests and strengths to identifying your core values and needs, we’ll equip you with practical tools to effectively apply self-awareness in a career context.

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We can’t predict the future, but we can approach each moment with self-awareness.

Understanding ourselves opens doors to more opportunities as they come our way.

It helps us figure out what motivates us, what holds us back, and what makes us shine.

We can learn if we prefer to take the lead or follow, to be hands-on makers or innovative creators.

Having this self-awareness empowers us to make informed and strategic career decisions.

We get it. Self-awareness and future planning is hard.

But we’re here to make it easier!

Sign up now for only $59!