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Blog: Improve your resume in 10 minutes — Future-readiness made easy

Improve your resume in 10 minutes
Future-readiness made easy

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Time is never on your side (especially when you’re applying for jobs and juggling life on top!) – so when it comes time to put together a resume, we get that you don’t want to be spending hours getting it perfect. That’s why we’ve put together this 10 minute guide that’ll have your resume going straight to the top of the pile – or inbox!

Whip out that resume you’ve been meaning to update, and go through the 7 steps below for an instant improvement.


Step 1: Get rid of all that “stuff”!

While you might want to be a novelist, your resume isn’t the place to start that career. It’s meant to be a quick snapshot of you, what makes you great and why someone should want to talk to you further! Keep it concise, cut the unnecessary details (that casual Summer job you had in 2014 probably doesn’t need to be included) and tell them what they need to know to want to hire you!

To do: Go through your resume and try to decrease your word count by 30%


Step 2: Up Your Language Game

This doesn’t mean you need to change the way you sound (because your tone of voice is a big part of who you are!) – however you can quickly level up your word choices to have a major impact for the future reader – As an example, You’re not “responsible for” – you “orchestrate”.

To do: Swap out 5 – 10 verbs for “power” verbs


Step 3: Make it Make Sense

If you’ve sent the exact same resume to multiple potential employers, that might be where you’re going wrong! Your resume should be customised for the job you want – from the skills you highlight, to the way you design the document. Think about what the employee is looking for and how you can give them exactly that!

To do: Do some research to find out who you’re applying and ensure you’re addressing your Resume + Cover Letter to them (get rid of “whom it may concern!”). 


Step 4: Bring Some Data To The Table

Numbers will always speak louder than words can – so make sure you use them! While a resume is all about the humble brag, it’s a lot more impactful when you can back it up with some data. Try something like “increased revenue by 40%” rather than just “boosted revenue”.

To do: Look for any “brags” you’ve included in your resume, and find a data point to back it up!


Step 5: Insert the “You” in your resume.

Nobody wants to read a resume that sounds like a robot wrote it (step away from ChatGPT!) – think about how you can stand out and make your resume unique! Is it a secret skill, a fun fact or an interesting background? What is going to make you memorable?

To do: Add in a unique qualifier – Not just what makes you qualified, but what qualifier do you have that nobody else does? Add it right at the top of that resume!


Step 6: Say it with us: SPELLCHECK

Nobody wants to read a resume plagued with typos – especially when you’ve highlighted “attention to detail” as a key attribute. Check, check and check again – and then send to a friend or family member to have a read through.

To do: Install Grammarly to check over your resume + cover letter.


Step 7: Update Your LinkedIn

Your Linkedin Profile is like having the ultimate sidekick, wingman and referral all in one. It acts as the perfect professional proof when someone goes to have a quick look at you online after seeing your application in their inbox (and if you’re not there, that’s a problem!).

To do: Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, and do a couple of posts that represent who you are and what you believe in!


Job done! In 10 minutes you’ve revamped the resume and got yourself ready to nail your next career move. If you’re not sure what that next career move is – check out our Career and Future-Readiness Program!