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The program you always needed is finally here.

Let's figure out your future, together.
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Your future found –

This program is for you whether …

You’re overwhelmed by doubt around your career choices
you have a dream and want to make it happen.

You know the impact you want to make
need a little help finding what’s important to you.

You’re inspired and ready to jump in
you need guidance around what career possibilities may suit your unique needs.

“Even if you don’t believe you need to complete this, just do it, it will save you a lot of time and energy in the future.”

GenFuture user

Here’s what you can expect when you join our future-readiness program:

👉 Gain Clarity and Confidence: Feel more confident in yourself and your future.

👉 Avoid Wasting Time and Resources: Let’s face it, taking the wrong path can cost you—financially, emotionally, and mentally. Our program ensures you don’t waste time, money, or heartache.

👉 Not Just Advice, but Actionable Solutions: Tired of vague career advice? We’re all about actionable solutions. Our program walks you through every step with clear, practical tasks.

👉 Unbiased Guidance: Unlike traditional career advisors, we don’t dictate your path; we empower you to find it yourself.

👉 Flexible Learning: Short on time? No problem. Our program fits your schedule, whether you’re a sprinter or a marathoner.

👉 Inclusive and Diverse: GenFuture isn’t just for one type of career or individual. We celebrate diversity and cater to all paths, whether it’s university, apprenticeships, or something entirely unique.

👉 Discover Yourself Like Never Before: Our program isn’t just about finding a job; it’s about finding yourself first.

What we cover

Across 3 modules, we’ll help you to better understand yourself and the possibilities that come with knowing the future that’s made just for you.

We deep dive into the key aspects of self and motivation – your drivers, strengths, needs, values and interests – to understand what “career fit” means for you.

We help you define what a purposeful future looks like to you, and then explore your options to bring your vision to life.

Here we tie it all together. You’ll learn how to increase your employability and get a toolkit to help you in both work and life, now and in the future.

What you get

All the perks of signing up to the GenFuture Program.

Young woman reading a book sitting in front of laptop

20+ video sessions

Along with a whole bunch of self-directed learning material (20+ video* sessions), you’ll also get 10+ downloadable activities and handouts to complete along the way, plus many more reflective prompts.

*For all you folks who prefer reading, we’ve got that option too!

Young woman standing confidently with hands in the air

Lifetime Access

You’ll have all the learning content you could need at your fingertips with lifetime access to the online portal! The portal evolves to include current information, keeping you updated with the latest trends and findings.

Sample front page of PRINT Why of You Report

Personal Print Report

To help you fast-track the self-awareness process, you’ll complete an online psychometric* profiling tool called PRINT, which will generate your personal “Why of You” report.

*Psychometric is a fancy way of saying we use scientific measures to objectively understand your motivations and behaviour.

Knowing yourself is the superpower that GenFuture helps young people capture.

Knowing yourself is being self-aware – understanding how and why you might think and behave based on what’s important to you.

This self-awareness empowers strategic decision-making at every career stage, guiding us to say yes or no based on what motivates or demotivates us.

But research suggests that as little as 10-15% of people are self-aware.

At GenFuture, we use the PRINT® survey, an international psychometric* profiling tool, to help fast-track the self-awareness process.

PRINT uncovers your unique ‘why’—the essence of who you are.

It’s a simple, quick process—answer a series of questions (max 15 mins), and your report becomes a cornerstone in the GenFuture program. Combined with other resources and activities, it’s a valuable reference point, helping you understand where you’ll feel most valued, what tasks bring joy, and why certain relationship dynamics may cause stress (and much more).

*Psychometric is a fancy way of saying we use scientific measures to objectively understand your motivations and behaviour.

Request a sample report

“Extremely well written and in-depth details.”

“It is general and also specific enough to relate to and provide insights into me as a person and my career.”

How it works

Ready to join the futures movement?

Your future’s full of options.

And so’s GenFuture. Decide what option works best for you.

Dripped released.
Lifetime access.

Instant access, for a lifetime.

Dripped release.
Lifetime access.
Guided pace.
+ 4x live online sessions.

Not ready or able to fully commit to the GenFuture Program? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Try our *Light* version – our Self-Awareness Bootcamp. Only $59.

We’re here for you!
Add on some 1:1 online coaching sessions with a GenFuture Coach.

What this program is:

👍 A toolkit for building self-confidence and self-awareness.

👍 A guide to finding clarity in your career direction.

👍 A flexible program that adapts to your needs and pace.

👍 A practical roadmap to reach your goals.

What this program isn’t:

👎 A cookie-cutter solution for everyone.

👎 A traditional career advisor telling you what to do.

👎 A program that limits your options or puts you in a box.

👎 Someone just telling you what they did (but not thinking about what you should do!)

Get your career glow up –

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Something else?

The future is yours.

Your future is now.

Join the futures movement today.

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